Monday, April 14, 2008

Deliberate Attraction and Getting Rid of Sticky Problems

I haven't had the "nicest" last two weeks, but I'm learning a lot about listening to my gut and going with what I know to be the truth.

And I've also seen some amazing ripple effects of clearing up some old, negative beliefs. I have been "forced" to go inside and become okay with me (without the affirmation of a spouse anymore). It's been very difficult; it's not done yet, but I've already seen some amazing things (ostensibly unrelated) kick loose from the work:

1. The bank from the last house yet unsold called, out of the blue, and told me, either way, we'll work something out and come to a settlement.

2. I earned back $25,000 that I thought would have to go to the govt. This is cash-in-pocket money.

3. A friend called me, out of the blue, and asked if I wanted to buy his BMW (for a friend discount). Don't know if I'm going to, but it sure would be cool.

All this has happened in the past week. All this has happened while I was experiencing despair and sadness. The gift has been that, because of the loss and sadness, I was "forced" to go deeper into me and become more okay with me; no more reliance on my wife to make me feel okay! The work dislodged and addressed some old beliefs about "needing" and...look at the results.

Don't get me wrong, I still have grieving to do. But this is another example of two things:

1. We are not our emotions, nor are we our habitual thought patterns. As much as these things want to be our identify and our state of being, they are not US!

2. Gifts often come wrapped a problem.

Keep the faith!

To the God in You,

Greg Kuhn

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Deliberate Attraction and How to Choose Your Meanings

Want a simple “magic wand” you can wave and deliberately attract desired experiences and outcomes right now? In this moment? Just follow this formula for losing your attachment to meaning.

It’s all an illusion that your daily experiences have inherent meaning anyway. You imbue everything you encounter with meaning – meaning based upon your beliefs, expectations, and past experiences. Meaning which is 100% subjective.

And as you imbue life events with meaning you define their purpose and their power. And their effect on your life. You give them the power to create your reality.

Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about.

Let’s say you really, really want your spouse to “fix” you. It hurts that he is so uncaring and won’t do the things you want him to. You want to go chasing after him again, forcing him to care about your relationship.

  • One meaning you can give to your reaction to your spouse’s behavior is this: “I’m a sick, hopeless codependent. This emotional pain and turmoil is letting me know that I’ll never get any better. I’m doomed to feel this way forever!”

  • Quite a different meaning you can give to your reaction to your spouse’s behavior is this: “As I well know, the lions roar the loudest when I get close to the temple doors. I must be very close to the emotional freedom I desire to have such an intense reaction to my feelings!”

Or how about an even simpler example. A bill arrives in the mail.

  • One meaning you can give to the bill’s arrival is this: “Shit! Another bill. Screw you, God. It’s always the same thing; just when I was starting to get ahead, there goes all my money!”

  • Quite a different meaning you can give to the bill’s arrival is this: “Thank you! Now I have the opportunity to send money energy to these people, reflecting back to them the value they’ve given to me. I love receiving money, thanks for this chance to be the one who brings them such joy.”

These two examples illustrate how much control we have over our daily experiences when we assign meaning to things. In each example, both meanings are “correct”. Both meanings are easily justified and perfectly plausible; no one would say you are crazy for believing either meaning.

Yet which meaning, between each of the two, will yield you the results you desire?

Stop and think, for a moment, about how you impart meaning into every single incident in your life. No matter how insignificant, you give meaning to everything.

Let go of your attachment to “meaning”. Open your consciousness to this moment and remember that all this, literally, means nothing. Except what you decide it does.

It’s like that disclaimer found in financial services ads, “Past results are not indicative of future performance.” Past results mean nothing! Don’t use them to infuse your daily experiences with meaning. You get to choose the meaning of everything today.

And you can choose to make it positive! I hope you do.

To the God in You,

Greg Kuhn

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deliberate Attraction and Simple Versus Easy

Everything in life is an illusion. In this holodeck you call “my life” there is no difference between you and anyone else. For that matter, there is no difference between you and anything else in the material world.

Quantum physics shows us that the observer and the observed are not two distinct and different things. In fact, the best way to describe “observer” and “observed” may be by saying they are two unique perspectives of the same thing.

The illusion of separation allows us to experience a physical existence and a physical experience of life on Earth. The trouble with the illusion of separation, though, is it becomes a prison in which we don’t even know we’re being held. We see the outside world, we believe the outside world is pre-existing and separate from us, and we define ourselves by it (we allow it to dictate our state of being).

Everything you see is a reflection of you. Your beliefs and your state of being is mirrored back to you by the material world.

It really is this simple:

  1. All of your current reality is nothing more than your accumulated previous beliefs (personified through your thoughts and feelings).

  2. Your current reality has NO bearing on your future (unless you give it that power) because your future will be dictated by your current beliefs (personified through your thoughts and feelings).

  3. Your beliefs and your state of being have a symbiotic relationship. Change your beliefs and you change your state of being. And, to a slightly lesser extent, change your state of being and you will change your beliefs.

  4. You are in charge of your beliefs and your state of being. Outside circumstances have no power over those things unless YOU give it to them.

  5. Take charge of your beliefs and your state of being by intentionally changing them to be more in alignment with your desires. For example, practice accepting, loving, giving, appreciating, and enjoying everything all the time.

  6. Your future reality will mold itself to accommodate, and reflect back to you, your current beliefs and state of being.

This is very simple. But not easy. It takes practice.

The idea that reality is pre-existing “thing” awaiting your observation is belief running deep within us. That is the paradigm in which we were raised and it is not an easy one to unlearn. So make sure you’re giving yourself a break – if you’ve spent most of your life driving by looking in your rear view mirror, it will take practice to quit glancing up as you drive!

So love the illusions. Just don’t be imprisoned by them! You are here to experience creation through the illusion of separation and, one day, you’ll leave this physical body and no longer have the illusion of separation. Enjoy it while you can!

Love the illusions just like you love your favorite movie, immersing yourself completely into it while safely remembering that it is only a fantasy!

Remember – when you love, accept, and appreciate “what is” you really are loving, accepting, and appreciating YOU! You are loving, accepting, and appreciating YOUR reflection. And why would you want to do anything else with your reflection?

To the God in You,
Greg Kuhn

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Deliberate Attraction and the Fast Moving Stream

The way to allow all good things, to deliberately create your happiness, is to go with the flow. Esther Hicks calls this going downstream. Get in the stream and stay in the stream; learn not to fight it or swim against it. Accept the flow and let go.

Acceptance is acceptance. The stream is the stream. And acceptance means you are going downstream. And vice-versa.

If you are actively cultivating appreciation you are accepting. Choose to appreciate and you quit swimming upstream. Choose to appreciate, in this moment, and you immediately turn downstream and go with the flow.

Going downstream is joy.

And you can go downstream at whatever pace suits you.

You can lie on your back and float lazily along, letting the current carry you and staring up at the leaves on the trees. You can also put an Evinrude motor on your boat and speed along at ten times the current. Or any pace in between - the choice is always yours.

Sometimes it feels wonderful to lay back and let the current carry you; sometimes moving faster than the natural flow is uncomfortable, or even frightening. Sometimes you're so motivated by desire (to attain something...or to escape something) that you crank up the Evinrude and let fly at top speed!

I've experienced a wide rage of downstream paces. Currently, I'm floating along with the current and occasionally giving a stroke of my paddle to add speed. Last fall, when I erased almost $800,000 worth of debt in less than five months, I strapped two Evinrudes on my canoe and let 'er rip!

It's not that one pace is better than another. It's all about what you're motivated to do.

I know what you're thinking, "Hey, I want to experience the Evinrudes too. How do I do that?"

Good question. If you've got the motivation (mine was avoiding impending bankruptcy and the loss of our home and property), you can do it just like I did:

Make it your number one "job" to think only feel-good, positive thoughts all day long. You do that moment by moment. And, consequently, also make it your number one "job" to feel only good feelings all day long.

Use my process of vibration raising to identify your current vibrations on the particular issue you're dealing with. And then intentionally raise your vibrations on the issue, as I teach you. At the same time use the exercises in the back of Esther Hicks' book, Ask and It is Given, as your guides, every moment of the day, to think positive thoughts and feel good feelings.

Let me know how it works for you; you'll love the feel of the wind in your hair as you fly down the stream!

To the God in You,
Greg Kuhn

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deliberate Attraction and God Experiencing God

Everything in our material world is all the same thing - created from the Quantum Field - it's all simply God experiencing God.

You've heard it said that this is all an illusion? That's true, but there is an important distinction to understand. "All is illusion..." doesn't refer to all material objects in the universe being "not real." They're real all right!

No, the illusion referred to by "All is illusion..." is that we are separate from each other (and all material objects). The illusion is that I think there is a separate entity called "Greg" who is unique and distinct from "Natasha" and "George" and my "alarm clock" and my "nightstand", etc. etc.

The illusion is that I'm NOT simply interacting with myself. That's what "all is self-referral" means. Everything in the universe is really the self observing the self.

And when you are in the gap, you experience timeless awareness. Timeless awareness is where the observer, the observed, and the act of observation become one. During timeless awareness all possibilities are present...because you are in the gap (the Quantum Field).

This is why it is important for you to (eventually) vibrate from the emotional set point of love/joy/appreciation. Because true love/joy/appreciation is timeless awareness. You lose the illusion of being separated from your object of love/joy/appreciation!

When you no longer look at the object or skill you desire to manifest as an "object" to be attained, used, and from which to gratify and/or satisfy yourself, you are in a place of love/joy/appreciation. You have entered the field of all possibilities, you are no longer something separate from that which you are observing, and your desire is spontaneously manifest.

And then, being physical beings playing this beautiful game of God called "life on Earth," you will lose that perspective and return to the pain of the illusion. The illusion that you are separate from all other "things." You're human, without the experience of years of dedicated practice (like me!) and you'll go back to the illusion that your children, your boyfriend, your money, your car, your parents, etc. are not really YOU in a form of self-referral!

But thanks to this process, meditation, education, attention, intention, and myriad other ways, you will continually return to the gap. To timeless awareness. And you will experience, more and more, the spontaneous fulfillment of your desires. And you'll find yourself spending more and more time there as the days pass.

If you're like me, that is. And I KNOW YOU ARE! Because you are me...and I you.

To the God in You,
Greg Kuhn

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deliberate Attraction and Quantum Physics

Deliberate attraction is easily explained through quantum physics. Quantum physics represents a second Scientific Revolution. A revolution you may not have learned about yet, but one that is happening right now.

As you learn about the concepts emanating from quantum physics, it may be challenging not to dismiss them because they are often so radically different from what you have always known. But bear in mind that such dismissals will one day be seen in the same light as people who refused to believe the world was round. You’re no flat-Earther, are you?

Let’s compare classical physics concepts and quantum physics concepts on the same topics, side by side. Keep in mind that quantum physics has been proven extremely accurate; as strange as these ideas sound to you, they are real.

Classical Physics
1. The way a “thing” behaves is the culmination of the behavior of its component parts.
Quantum Physics
1. The way a “thing” behaves may not have anything to do with the behaviors of its component parts and might not have even been predictable based on the behavior of its component parts.

Classical Physics
2. The scientist is completely separate from what she observes.
Quantum Physics
2. The scientist is part of the process she is studying. The scientist’s observation is, in fact, part of the data that must be factored.

Classical Physics
3. Change is determined by outside forces and it is continuous, linear, and predictable.
Quantum Physics
3. Change is abrupt, rapid, and dramatic and may have no relationship with what came before.

Classical Physics
4. Our universe is a system of separate parts held together by unyielding laws of cause and effect.
Quantum Physics
4. Our universe a system of entanglements and everything is gently connected to everything else. Instead of forces, there are influences. Things become spontaneously connected and patterns are unpredictable.

Classical Physics
5. The scientist breaks everything down into its smallest parts and finds the simple forces creating action.
Quantum Physics
5. The scientist looks for new properties or patterns which might appear when components unite to form larger things.

Classical Physics
6. Nothing new, surprising, or unpredictable happens in the universe.
Quantum Physics
6. The universe constantly organizes and reinvents itself.

Wrap your head around what possible paradigm changes will come from those conceptual changes! (Hint: I’m helping you do that in this blog)

Don’t be surprised by your reluctance; having your paradigms reformed is just as unsettling today as it was centuries ago. Learning about the inaccuracies you’ve based you life upon can be uncomfortable, just as learning that the sun was the center of our solar system was upsetting for your ancestors. We all prize stability highly.

How fortunate for you, however, that you won’t face persecution or death for believing the truths of the second Scientific Revolution! How lucky you live in an era where being an early adopter of these paradigm changes won’t get you labeled a heretic. You’re free to use this wonderful new information to better your life with little personal risk.

To the God in You,

Greg Kuhn

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Deliberate Attraction and Choosing What You Know

Wanting money has been a lifelong trial for you – you’ve been like Sisyphus, a king punished by being cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and repeat this throughout eternity.

Your desires about money are on the top of Sisyphus’ hill. And you keep getting so close only to watch your boulder roll back down to the bottom again and again. After a while you get used to the pain, though, don’t you? And you begin to accept that the top of the hill is for other people.

That has become what you know. But, despite what you know, you’ve been blessed by enough motivation to seek a way out of your personal, financial, Sisyphusian nightmare. And, luckily for you, there is a way out!

Whatever event, regardless of how tragic it now seems, which gave you with enough motivation to seek out the process you are now learning is, in fact, a blessing. You have what I call, “the gift of desperation” and it is now time to use the energy of desperation (brought about by the pain of knowing your money-boulder will continue rolling down that hill) to take charge of what you know.

You see, the second most important thing for you to understand is that YOU are in charge of what you know. (The first most important thing, as you remember from an earlier blog post, is that what you know is what you get) You get to decide what you believe! It is YOU that commands your state of being.

If you’re like me, you’ve been brainwashed into blaming other people. You are habitually pointing your finger at some person, place, or thing; assigning responsibility for your limiting beliefs (which are producing limiting actions and, therefore, limiting manifestations) about money. The good news is that, as of right now, you are officially free from anyone’s influence.

Except the people, places, or things you decide you want to be influenced by.

Because you do want to be influenced. Remember, from a few blog entries ago, how changing what you know works. Changing what you know requires that you be influenced – whether by a college, a church, a teacher, a guide, a mentor, a writer, etc. Only now, because you’re free (I’ve declared you so!) you will be carefully choosing just who these people, places, and things of influence are.

I can assume that I am one of those people you've chosen? Good choice! In my "humble" opinion, of course.

To the God in You,
Greg Kuhn

By the way, if you're interested in learning about the very real science behind the law of attraction and how to manifest abundance, read my lens on Squidoo.